• it was to the beach at Matala that Zeus, in the form of a bull, brought Europa
    • he then transformed into an eagle and carried her to Gortys, where he ‘mingled’ with her

  • Matala was the port of Phaistos during Minoan period

  • in the Roman era, Matala was the port of Gortys, the capital of the Roman province

  • in the first and second centuries A. D., the caves overlooking the beach were used as tombs

  • in the 1960s and 70s, ‘hippies’ from all over the world, lived in the caves
    • they were eventually driven out by the church and the military

  • the town of Matala now (since 2011) hosts a three-day festival/reunion to commemorate the hippie era

  • for memoirs and reminiscences of ‘hippies’ who lived in the caves, open this web site: Matala in the 60’s and 70’s

View across the beach of Matala towards the caves

Cover of  Life magazine, 19 July 1968,
showing two American ‘hippies’ in one of Matala’s caves

View of the beach from one of the caves