• built to honor victors at the annual choral and dramatic competitions/festivals at the Theatre of Dionysos

  • each monument takes its name from the sponsor (choregos) of the winning production.

  • only intact choregic monument in Athens

  • located in east side of Plaka (Plateia Lysikratous–Selley and Epimenidou streets, just east of Theatre of Dionysos [on the southeast side of the Acropolis])

  • built 334 B. C.

  • frieze depicts Dionysos and the pirates

  • converted to library by Capuchin friars

“Lysikrates of Kikynna, son of Lysitheides, was choregos; the tribe of Akamantis won the victory with a chorus of boys; Theon played the flute; Lysiades, an Athenian, trained the chorus; Evainetos was archon.”