Site Plan of Knossos

(from Greek Island Hopping 2007, Thomas Cook Publishing)


(from Eyewitness Travel Guide, The Greek Islands


Excavation of the Throne Room


The Throne Room as it appears today after Evans’ restoration


The Throne Room before Evans’ restoration


The Throne Room after Evans’ restoration


  • home of the legendary king Minos

  • center of Minoan Culture

  • Minos᾿ wife, Pasiphae, ‘mingled’ with a bull and produced the Minotaur

  • Daedalus built the labyrinth to contain the Minotaur

  • Theseus came from Athens and killed the Minotaur

  • ca. 2600 1100 B. C.

  • flourished in southern Cyclades islands

  • had an advanced society, but produced no literature
    • or none has survived

  • language was Linear A and then Linear B
    • Linear B is a precursor to Greek
      • deciphered by Michael Ventris
    • Linear A has never been deciphered

  • reasons for demise of Minoan culture uncertain
    • some believe that the eruption of Thira, ca. 1650 B. C., destabilized Minoan culture, making it vulnerable to overthrow by the Mycenaeans

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