Bust of Hadrian

  • built ca. 132 A. D.
    • at the behest of Hadrian, Roman emperor (A. D. 117 - 138)
    • part of his campaign to rebuild Athens
      • Hadrian was an admirer of Greece and Greek culture

  • structure had 100 columns of Phrygian marble, halls with painted ceilings, alabaster walls, and niches with statues (Pausanias, Description of Greece I.18.9)

  • heavily damaged by Herulians in A. D. 267

  • incorporated into a fortification wall in A. D. 277

  • library was rebuilt by Herculius, the Prefect of Illyricum, A. D. 408 - 412
    • statue of Herculius stood at the entrance
      • the accompanying inscription is still visible on left side of entrance
Plan of Library