In Greece, your blow dryer, camera charger, iPod charger, etc., will not work unless you have a plug adapter and/or converter, because the electric voltage in Europe is 220v AC, 50 HZ and the ‘input’ slots on Greek electrical outlets differ from those in the US. You can purchase a converter or an adapter at places like Radio Shack, Best Buy, and REI.

Apple brand electronics, and almost all late model electronics, do not need a voltage converter (because they can run on either 220v or 110v), but they will need a plug adapter (because Greek electrical outlets are designed for two round prongs).

You must use a converter rather than a simple adapter for devices that run only on 110v; otherwise you’ll destroy the device. I’ll have a converter, which I’ll be willing to share with anyone on the trip. I also have an adapter for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

Standard Greek electrical outlet with its ‘input’ slots for two round prongs

Simple adapter

(which allows you to plug a US -style device into a Greek outlet w/o any electrical conversion—
bad idea unless the device, like Apple products, can run on 220v also)

220v to 110v converter with multiple plugs

(converts Greek electricity so your US 110v device isn’t blown out)