• Artemis, daughter of Zeus, is a goddess of the hunt and of childbirth
    • she protects mothers during childbirth and also infants, especially females

  • Iphigenia, a priestess of Artemis, was buried at the site after her father, Agamemnon, sacrificed her to Artemis to make possible the Greek expedition to Troy
    • in one version of the myth, Artemis saves Iphigenia at the last moment and whisks her away to Brauron
    • Iphigenia is also worshipped at the site
    • the clothing of women who died in childbirth was dedicated to the tomb of Iphigenia

  • there is evidence of cult practices at Brauron as early as the 8th century B. C.

  • site flourished 2000-1600 B. C.

  • Brauronian festival was held once every four years
    • a procession came to the site from Athens
    • Artemis was worshipped as the “Great She-Bear”
    • little children dressed as bears to perform rituals, to dance, and to compete in footraces

  • excavation of the site was begun in 1948

1—Temple of Artemis
2—Chapel of Hagios Georgios
3—Sacred House
4—Tomb of Iphigenia
5—Pantheon of the Bear Maidens
8—Stone Bridge