Site Plan of the Akrotiri Excavation

(from Greek Island Hopping 2007, Thomas Cook Publishing)

  • destroyed in volcanic eruption of ca. 1600 B. C.
    • hence, like Pompeii, it is a city frozen in time

  • ancient name of city is not known
    • it takes the name ‘Akrotiri’ from the modern nearby village

  • excavation of the site began in 1967

  • no human remains have been found
    • which suggests that an effective evacuation took place prior to the eruption
    • probably because of earthquakes, which would have preceded the major eruption
    • click here for an interesting USA TODAY article about the eruption

  • in 2005, a canopy (which was still under construction) over part of the site collapsed, killing one tourist and injuring seven others
    • as a result, the site was immediately closed
    • it reopened in April 2012

  • some experts estimate that only about 1/30 of the site has been excavated to date

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