From Minoan to Modern Times

2018 Trip Itinerary

Date Location Day’s Schedule                 Night’s Lodging
Mon, 28 May Athens • Arrive (anytime during the day; take taxi or Metro to Attalos Hotel)
• Group dinner at Giouvetsakia Taverna
Attalos Hotel
Tues, 29 May Athens • Walking tour of Lysikrates Monument, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Arch of Hadrian,
  Acropolis Museum, Acropolis
same as above
Wed, 30 May Athens • Library of Hadrian, Roman Agora, Horologion; afternoon trip to Brauron;
  continuing to Sounion for the sunset
• Group dinner at To Steki Tou Mina
same as above
Thur, 31 May Athens
• Morning trip to Aegina same as above
Fri, 1 June Athens → Delphi • Morning visit to Athenian Agora and Kerameikos; Bus to Delphi Pitho Hotel
Sat, 2 June Delphi • Delphi (site/museum) same as above

Sun, 3 June Delphi → Olympia • Bus to Olympia Ilis Hotel
Mon, 4 June Olympia • Bus trip to Temple of Apollo Epikourios (at Vasses)
• Beach time!
same as above
Tues, 5 June Olympia • Olympia (site/museum) same as above
Wed, 6 June Olympia → Kalamata • Bus to Kalamata with stop at Messene Ostria Hotel
Thurs, 7 June Kalamata • Free day same as above
Fri, 8 June Kalamata → Sparta → Nafplion • Bus to Nafplion with a stop at Sparta (site/museum) Omorfi Poli
Sat, 9 June Nafplion • Day trip (by bus) to Epidauros, Mycenae, Nemea same as above

Sun, 10 June Nafplion • Free day same as above
Mon, 11 June Nafplion → Piraeus • Bus to Piraeus (port of Athens) with stops at Corinth and Eleusis berths on overnight
ferry to Crete  
Tues, 12 June Heraklion, Crete • Arrive at Heraklion, Crete
• Group breakfast
• Late afternoon trip (by bus) to Knossos
Irini Hotel
Wed, 13 June Heraklion, Crete • Walk to Archaeological Museum same as above
Thurs, 14 June Heraklion, Crete
• Day trip (by bus) to Gortys, Phaistos, Matala same as above
Fri, 15 June Crete → Santorini • Ferry to Santorini
• Bus trip to Akrotiri and Kamari Beach
Polydefkis Apartments
Sat, 16 June Santorini • Free day same as above

Sun, 17 June Santorini → Naxos • Ferry to Naxos Anixis Hotel
Mon, 18 June Naxos • Free day same as above
Tues, 19 June Naxos • Morning trip (by bus) to Temple of Demeter and Yria
• Walking tour of Museum and Portara
same as above
Wed, 20 June Naxos → Mykonos • Ferry to Naxos Sofia Village
Thurs, 21 June Mykonos
• Day trip (by ferry) to Delos same as above
Fri, 22 June Mykonos • Free day same as above
Sat, 23 June Mykonos → Athens • Ferry to Athens Attalos Hotel

Sat, 24 June Athens • Walk to National Archaeological Museum
• Group dinner at Klimataria Taverna
same as above
Mon, 25 June Athens → Home • Trip Ends